The RISE Program

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Through the RISE Program, Beta Alpha Psi members and candidates will mentor Rising Accountant & Analyst Program members on topics such as Recruiting, Internships, Studies, and Etiquette. This program is designed to develop the “rising stars” of accounting by equipping them with a knowledge base to become well-rounded professionals. Not only do RAAP students stand to learn a tremendous amount about what lies ahead in the junior & senior years, but they can start to create a great network within their chosen profession.

Beta Alpha Psi members will receive up to one service hour for being a mentor in the RISE Program. To satisfy this service hour, BAP members must initiate contact with their assigned RAAP mentee and attempt to meet at least twice per semester.  The BAP member will then record the meeting date, time, who was in attendance, and what was discussed in the meeting log (link in the BAP Community). These logs are shared with the VP of Service to grant service hour credit.

BAP members can choose to be a single mentor or paired with another mentor; the number of RAAP members per group will depend on the number of BAP members who sign up to become mentors. RISE offers upper-classmen a unique chance to have a great impact on the future of an up-and-coming accounting major!

Any BAP member who is interested in participating in the program should speak to the VP of Candidates (contact information is here). Volunteers will be accepted until the first BAP professional meeting of the semester and pairings communicated thereafter.