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Beta Alpha Psi Application

Before your application is reviewed, we will verify that you’ve created a Handshake account and uploaded resume and current unofficial transcript.  Further information on this process is at the bottom of this form.

Applications for membership are taken online at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. Applicants must be pursuing an accounting major and have completed Intermediate Accounting I to be considered for membership.  Qualifying candidates also must have a 3.0 minimum overall GPA (or 3.25 in most recent 30 semester hours), accounting GPA, and upper level accounting GPA.  The online application deadline for Spring 2017 is Friday, January 13th at 8 AM.  All students will be notified of their application result on that date.

At this time, Online students are not eligible for Beta Alpha Psi membership.









Location Preferences: Please provide your location preferences below. Location preference is the primary city in which you would like to intern AND work full-time. Location preferences are very important, as recruiters will use this information to identify candidates in their geographical locations. Examples include Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, Columbus, Albany, Nashville, Huntsville, etc.

Note that the majority of our employers are from the Alabama and Georgia area and will primarily be seeking candidates interested in that geography. If you are considering a location preference outside of our region, understand that it will limit you to recruit with the firms that have offices in that location (see a list of employers by choosing the "Sponsors" menu above, and then "Current Sponsors" - each logo links to the employer's website).

Service Area Preference: Please provide the service area you are most interested in. Recruiters will use this information to match employee candidates with internship openings.



You must submit a copy of your unofficial transcript in PDF format. In order to create the PDF file, you must be using a computer that has a PDF writer (such as any of the lab computers). Open a new browser window to avoid losing any application data on this form. From within AU Access, click on "Unofficial Transcript," on the "My Academics" tab (Student Records menu). Be sure to run your transcript through Fall 2016 so that your current courses will appear at the end. Once your transcript is displayed, select "Print" and choose the Adobe PDF printer. Save your document with the following file naming convention: "[LastName] [FirstName] Transcript". Upload this file to "Your Documents" in Handshake.


To consider your application complete, we must have a record of you submitting your resume for Handshake prior to the deadline. If you do not have a Handshake profile, you can create one at YOU MUST MAKE YOUR DOCUMENTS PUBLIC FOR US TO VIEW THEM. A first time user guide is available on this site to guide you through the process.

Please indicate your agreement with the following statements:

I understand and certify that I meet all of the requirements for membership in Beta Alpha Psi. I hereby authorize Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary and service organization, and its official representatives to access and review my academic record at Auburn University for the purpose of determining my eligibility for membership in that organization. This authorization is freely given. In addition, I authorize Beta Alpha Psi to release my resume and contact information to recruiters and use any photographs taken of me at events for marketing/promotional purposes.

I understand that Beta Alpha Psi is a professional honorary organization and that certain ethical standards must be maintained in order to remain a member of the Epsilon Omicron chapter. As a member of this organization, I will represent Auburn University, the Auburn School of Accountancy, the accounting profession, and myself in an honorable, mature, ethical and professional manner. I will comply with the Auburn University Academic Honesty Code, never representing another person's work as my own or sharing my work with someone else. Should I be found in violation of this code, I will willingly return my membership certificate and withdraw from membership in Beta Alpha Psi.

Before you submit your Beta Alpha Psi Application:

  1. Confirm that you are eligible for membership.
    • If you have not completed ACCT 3110 Intermediate Accounting I, consider applying for FLS.
      • see BAP/FLS course and GPA requirements
  2. Complete your Handshake profile.
    • This includes:
      • uploading a CURRENT unofficial transcript (pull from "My Academics" on AU Access, print to PDF, upload)
      • uploading a CURRENT resume (saved to PDF)
        • see PDF printing instructions
        • any Handshake questions should be directed to the Office of Professional and Career Development (OPCD) in 101 Lowder Hall.

Your application will not be reviewed without a complete Handshake profile. Please note that resumes no longer have to be approved by a career coach - they may be uploaded immediately.