High School Outreach

Beta Alpha Psi values the importance of investing in younger students that may one day have a future and interest in accounting. Because of this, we host several events throughout the year to engage with these younger students.

Our marquee event is CP-A Day, which focuses on students at the high school level that are considering what a future in accounting could look like for them.


What is CP-A Day?

CP-A Day is BAP’s target high school outreach project. Select Alabama high schools that have a business/accounting curriculum are invited to send selected students to spend the day on campus with Beta Alpha Psi students and professional partners.

What Events Take Place at CP-A Day?

Students will participate in a Mock Pre-CPA Exam prior to attendance, a Campus/College of Business Tour, a Social Lunch, and an Information Panel with students, alumni, and faculty.

When is CP-A Day?

Typically in the end of April.

How can my school participate in CP-A Day?

Contact Faculty Advisor, Colby Lakas, at chl0009@auburn.edu if interested in participating in our next CP-A Day!