Student Frequently Asked Questions

Internship Offer Periods and Recruiting Procedures

Q: What is an Internship Offer Period and when is it?

A: An Internship Offer Period is the time-frame in which employers may communicate offers (written or verbal) to internship candidates planning to work in Alabama, Georgia or Nashville, TN.  The Summer Offer Period begins at 9 AM CST on June 1, and lasts through 5 pm CST on August 1. Please note that not all offers will be given on June 1.

Between August 2 and November 1 (Fall Offer Period), employers can make offers at any time. We have asked employers to set reasonable expiration dates for offers made after August 1 and be flexible about granting extensions in cases where students have other interviews that occur after an offer expiration date.

Both Offer Periods are governed by the AU Recruiting Honor Code & Best Practices document that is available for review here.

Q: I am not planning to intern in Alabama, Georgia, or Nashville, TN – what does this mean for me?

A: Students seeking internships outside of Alabama, Georgia or Nashville, TN, are not subject to any offer restrictions or deadlines.

Q: I am looking for a full-time job; am I subject to the Recruiting Honor Code?

A: No, full-time offers are not subject to any guidelines, regardless of location.

Q: What if I am unable to participate in Summer Leadership Programs (SLPs) or other summer recruiting events?

A: The summer months provide various opportunities for interactions between potential employers and students; however, student schedules are not always conducive to recruiting activities (because of taking classes, completing internships, or studying abroad). Students who are invited to an SLP (or comparable event) but are unable to attend should work with employers to schedule a substitution office visit.

If you anticipate a summer conflict, you should participate in as many employer-hosted recruiting events as possible during the regular school year. A pre-existing relationship with an employer increases your chances of receiving an offer during the Summer Offer Period.

The Fall Offer Period is an option for students with limited summer availability or opportunities to interact with employers, or who do not receive offers during the Summer Offer Period. However, employers may have fewer positions remaining after the Summer Offer Period concludes.

Q: What happens if I don’t receive any offers between June 1 and August 1?

A: Any student who did not receive or accept an offer during the Summer Offer Period should attend Meet the Firms/the HCOB Career Fair and use Handshake to apply for interviews conducted during fall Accounting Interview Weeks.

Q: What happens if I receive multiple offers during an Offer Period?

A: Students who have extensive exposure to employers in the spring semester and throughout the summer may receive multiple offers during the Summer Offer Period; a similar situation could occur in the fall.  Unless you know for certain which employer is right for you, politely tell employers that you need more time to weigh your options before making a decision.  If there are offers you know you won’t accept, you should decline them as soon as possible so that other students have the chance to receive an offer from that employer.

If you have plans to attend SLPs that occur after you have received one or more offers, do not cancel your attendance at these programs. It is unlikely that you will have another opportunity in your career to evaluate such a large group of employers.

Q: How should I handle the fall Meet the Firms, HCOB Career Fair & campus interviews?

A: If you accept an offer during the Summer Offer Period, there is no need to participate in fall recruiting. Any student who did not receive or accept an offer during the Summer Offer Period should attend Meet the Firms/the HCOB Career Fair and use Handshake to apply for interviews conducted during fall Accounting Interview Weeks.

Q: If I receive an offer after the Summer Offer Period concludes, how long do I have to make a decision?

A: For offers made during the Fall Offer Period (August 2-November 1), we have asked employers to keep offers open long enough for a student to attend Meet the Firms and participate in Accounting Interview Weeks. We also have asked them to grant reasonable deadline extensions, where possible. Offers given after the Fall Offer Period closes should provide a two business day decision window to allow time for consideration. Since the Fall Offer Period (and beyond) is less structured, do not hesitate to seek guidance from Ms. Murphy or Mrs. Lakas about managing deadlines.

Q: What is the best way to respond to an offer if I am going to take some time to consider my options?

A: First and foremost, show your gratitude. Make sure that you know your decision deadline with that employer and commit to responding by that date.  If you receive an offer you don’t intend to accept, you should graciously decline the offer. Some employers may make offers to other Auburn students only after learning of your decline.

Saying “no” in the recruiting process is difficult for students (and employers, too). However, employers know that, statistically, they will not likely have a 100% acceptance rate. Hearing “no” is part of doing business! Do not “burn bridges” in this process, and handle your declines in a professional way (see the SOA blog for detailed guidance). The accounting world is very small, and you may encounter these contacts down the road in your career. Ensure they remember you fondly!