About the Rising Accountant & Analyst Program

Formerly known as the Financial Leadership Society (FLS), the Rising Accountant & Analyst Program (RAAP) is the precursor organization to Beta Alpha Psi (BAP). RAAP leverages the BAP meeting calendar for exposure to key professional topics and does not host separate meetings outside of a one-time orientation and two professional development seminars.

If you are an informed and proactive accounting/analytics student but do not meet the coursework requirement for BAP, you should consider joining RAAP. RAAP members are invited to attend all Beta Alpha Psi professional meetings, but have fewer requirements than BAP candidates (and no service component).

RAAP Member Requirements (per semester):

  • Attend Meet the Firms,
  • Attend one BAP meeting,
  • Attend one of two advising seminars (“Forums”), and
  • Participate in the RISE Mentorship Program.

RAAP Applicant Criteria:

  • Must be freshmen and sophomores who are declared accounting majors, or are considering accounting as a major. Students in the Business Analytics curriculum who are open to a career in professional services may also apply.
  • May be enrolled in Principles of Financial Accounting; however, applicants who have completed Principles of Financial Accounting at Auburn University AND are enrolled in ACCT 5110 Intermediate Accounting I are ineligible for RAAP and should apply for membership into Beta Alpha Psi.
    • Transfer students who did not complete Principles at Auburn may be eligible for RAAP, depending on their class standing.
  • Must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (ungapped).

RAAP membership does not extend beyond the semester in which the candidate joins (i.e. student must re-join each semester assuming eligibility). Application details will be emailed to all pre-business and declared accounting and analytics students. Spring applications become available in mid-December and Fall applications become available in mid-July. If you do not receive a personalized application link via email by the beginning of the fall or spring semesters, email Faculty Advisor Colby Lakas (colby.lakas@auburn.edu) to request one.

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