Beta Alpha Psi members and candidates help keep a section of Highway 280 clean from 3:00-4:00 PM four Sundays each semester.

Exam Proctoring

In the Fall Semester, while the Master’s students are studying abroad, Beta Alpha Psi members and candidates step up and help with exam proctoring.

Financial Accounting Stars Banquet

Beta Alpha Psi hosts a dinner for the top students in the Principles of Financial Accounting classes. This banquet serves to honor these students, and educate them about the field of accounting.

Food Bank

Available in the Fall and Spring Semesters, members and candidates may volunteer at the Food Bank of East Alabama. The Food Bank is in constant need of volunteer help to sort and package food which it distributes to low-income people through member agencies.

RISE Mentorship Program

Beta Alpha Psi members and candidates get paired with one to two Rising Accountant & Analyst Program members. They meet at least twice a semester to discuss recruiting, internships, and academics, giving the underclassmen an opportunity to ask questions and get to know older students in the major. Beta Alpha Psi members & candidates will…


Members and Candidates currently enrolled in Income Tax 1 may volunteer with Impact America to prepare free tax returns for low-income, working families at local tax sites.