SOA Alumni Tailgate

Homecoming weekend, Beta Alpha Psi helps organize and plan the School of Accountancy Alumni Tailgate. Members and candidates assist with tailgate while alumni catch up with friends and enjoy the game!

Financial Accounting Tutors

Started in Fall 2016, Beta Alpha Psi members provide one-on-one tutoring to Principles of Financial Accounting students. Many of our members and candidates work as private tutors. This event gives students that may not be able to pay for a private tutor the opportunity to get the help they need.


Beta Alpha Psi members and candidates help keep a section of Highway 280 clean from 3:00-4:00 PM four Sundays each semester.

Financial Accounting Stars Banquet

Beta Alpha Psi hosts a dinner for the top students in the Principles of Financial Accounting classes. This banquet serves to honor these students, and educate them about the field of accounting.

The BIG Event

Beta Alpha Psi participates in The BIG Event in the Spring Semester. The BIG Event is a one-day, student led service project, during which students give back to the Auburn and Opelika communities by performing basic community service tasks for households, businesses, churches, and organizations as a way to say “thank you” for making Auburn…


In the spring semester, members and candidates work Tiger$ense. Tiger$ense is hosted on Auburn’s campus, and is attended by local area middle schools. Organized by SOA faculty member, Dr. Stanwick, the fair serves to teach middle school students basic financial skills (e.g. calculating tip, writing checks, budgeting), in addition to giving them a look at…