Beta Alpha Psi Meeting Facilitator Guidance


General Tips for Making Your BAP Facilitator Role Successful

  • Supervisory personnel (2+ years experience) are our preference for facilitators. We believe that having significant work experience allows for more robust topic conversations. 
  • Be knowledgeable about the topic, but don’t be afraid to allow the conversation to take on a life of its own! We provide a theme as a backbone for the conversation; it’s not a requirement. Our goal is for discussions to be helpful to the students, so if there’s something on their minds, talk about it!
  • Bring business cards, as the students will want to contact you afterward!
  • Meet with key recruits before or after our meeting to capitalize on your trip to campus. On BAP meeting days, we do not observe our typical time slot reservations and you may encounter student conflicts if you don’t schedule these meetings before your visit. Click here to view possible social venues.
  • Promotional items are allowable if you can bring enough for the students in your breakout groups (minimum quantity of 20).

Professional Partner Facilitator FAQs

What is the “run of show” for a professional meeting?

Our professional meetings last from 6-7 on Tuesday nights. A typical run of show will be topic and representative introductions from 6-6:15 (in a large Lowder lecture hall), transition to breakout rooms in Lowder from 6:15-6:20, and small group discussions from 6:20-7:00 (the facilitator serves on a panel and meets with two small groups during this time). Following the adjournment of the meeting, all students and professionals will return to the lecture hall for a treat and networking (typically until 7:30, which is voluntary time).

Tell me more about the breakout group sessions.

During the breakout portion of the evening (6:20-7:00), the first session is devoted to a panel discussion about the meeting’s topic. Panels range from 3-5 people, depending on the classroom, and are moderated by the BAP officer assigned to that room (talking points are provided to facilitators in advance). Following a 6:20-6:40 panel, the panelists (facilitators) have an opportunity to interact with two small groups within their breakout room. Panelists chat from 6:40-6:50 and 6:50-7:00, rotating to two groups during this time.

How many facilitators attend each meeting? 

Based on expected membership attendance, we allocate 16-20 facilitators (professional partner representatives) at each meeting, depending on the semester.

What is the ideal level of professional for a facilitator role?

At minimum, we want facilitators to have two years of work experience. You could send a supervisor or you could send a seasoned business leader! The decision of who to select as a facilitator hinges upon expertise in the meeting topic and overall ability to connect with students (and represent your brand positively). First impressions matter!

How many students will we see at each meeting?

BAP’s total membership is 150-200 students, depending on the semester. Candidates attend every meeting but members (especially seniors) do not. We expect 100-150 attendees at each meeting, which makes breakout group sizes between 5-8 students. You will have an opportunity for post-meeting networking to expand your reach (that’s why the pre-discussion room introductions are very important).

Should my organization provide refreshments?

Part of the “BAP 2.0” concept is to provide refreshments to all attendees at all meetings. Your sponsorship contributes to the purchase of a substantial snack for students and facilitators, so there is no need to provide more. You can, however, invite students you know or meet to attend a dinner following our meeting.

Can a recruiter accompany a facilitator?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accommodate guests other than the facilitators you are allocated with your sponsorship.

Are there any rules surrounding our interaction with recruits on BAP meeting days?

No! We want you to maximize your time on campus, so additional interaction with students or faculty is encouraged. We don’t coordinate Tuesday events (daytime or evening) on our recruiting calendar on BAP meeting days, so there is no requirement to tell us about your plans. The sooner you invite your recruits, the better, but having a conversation at the meeting and turning that into dinner is fine by us!

Can we engage with BAP and ACCT (and HCOB) students outside of meetings?

Absolutely! Click here for some ideas.

How do I sign up for my meeting date(s)? And then what?

In mid-July, a Sign-Up Genius will be emailed to all Presenting and Strategic professional partners. On that date, you will select your meetings (up to 3 for Presenting and up to 8 for Strategic), entering the contact information for your facilitators. Unclaimed facilitator spots after the fall semester starts will be allocated to presenting/strategic professional partners on a first come, first served basis. Facilitators will receive emailed logistical information about the meeting one week advance of their assigned date.