Featured Professional Partner



Beta Alpha Psi’s Featured Professional Partner (“FPP”) program began in the Fall 2020 semester. This weekly program (Wednesdays) highlights our robust group of professional partners and promotes networking between our students and supporting employers/organizations. Participation in this program is included in the annual sponsorship fee and does not carry an extra cost. Note that the FPP is not the ONLY way to interact with our students; professional partners may also host on/off campus recruiting events other days of the week (however, posting on our BAP Instagram is only available for FPPs).


All FPPs will receive the following benefits:

    • The FPP is responsible for providing a file for the post (1080px by 1080px). Please click here for an example Featured Professional Partner post for Auburn University. Canva or Adobe Express are great resources for content creation.
  • A mention on the School of Accountancy’s Blog & weekly recruiting newsletter (emailed to all accounting & pre-business students).
    • The FPP is responsible for providing any verbiage and images desired.
  • A 2-minute or less video that will be posted to the @AuburnBAP Instagram
    • Guidelines can be found below.
  • An option to host a brand-building event for Auburn students the day you are an FPP (provides the ability to reach students between classes – see more info about events below).
  • An opportunity for your representatives to give a 5-minute introduction to the ACCT 3810: Professional Development in Accountancy class (sophomores & juniors).


To become a Featured Professional Partner for the 2024-25 school year, look for the Sign-Up Genius link that will be emailed on July 10th. Our first FPP is the Wednesday after each semester’s Meet the Firms and the last is the week prior to the end of the semester (avoiding weeks of University breaks). After your date is confirmed, please email the following items to auburn.bap@gmail.com no later than three weeks prior to your selected date. 

  • Instagram graphic 
  • Blog post wording/graphics 
  • Video for the Instagram post 
  • Information about your social event (you should independently advertise this as well)
    • Include the campus space you want to reserve, the timeframe you want to reserve it, and whether you want to manage the invitation list or have an open-invite with/without RSVP.

*If you have not sent your organization’s requested information by the three-week in advance deadline, you will receive a reminder email. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours of the email, we will replace your spot with a professional partner on the waiting list. 

FPP Checklist


EVENT SCHEDULING:We will only reserve the daytime block (8 AM – 4 PM) for FPP’s to host an event. Plan your visit to coincide with the ACCT 3810 class at 2:00 PM CT if you would like to participate in the 5-minute introduction.  If you would like to plan an evening activity as well, please reserve that timeframe in advance with Colby Lakas, chl0009@auburn.edu and check the BAP calendar for availability. Note that NABA meetings are held on Wednesday nights from 5-6 pm. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should begin planning and advertising your event far in advance of your FPP date. Using the provided BAP and RAAP rosters as well as your personal “pipeline” to advertise at least two weeks in advance will result in a higher event turnout (we will supplement your advertising through the blog/newsletter). 

FPP Event Ideas (Auburn Colors)



Contact the BAP Graduate Assistant, Anna Claire Bourne, with any questions about the FPP program.