Featured Professional Partner


Beta Alpha Psi’s Featured Professional Partner (“FPP”) program is new as of the Fall 2020 semester. This weekly program highlights our professional partners and promotes networking between our students and our supporting employers/organizations. Participation in this program is included in the annual sponsorship dues and does not carry an extra cost.

Featured Professional Partners are given the option to interact with students in person, on campus (while following all health and safety guidelines outlined on our website) or virtually. Our Professional Partners should choose the option that aligns with their recruiting strategy at the time they select their date, although the FPP program is flexible and a different format can be chosen closer to the assigned date.


All FPPs will receive the following benefits, regardless of the live or virtual format of promotion:

    • The FPP is responsible for providing a file for the post (1080px by 1080px). Please click here for an example Featured Professional Partner post for Auburn University. Canva or Adobe Spark are great resources for content creation. 
  • A mention on the School of Accountancy’s blog & weekly recruiting newsletter (emailed). 
    • The FPP is responsible for providing any verbiage and images desired.
  • A 10-minute or less virtual interview that will be posted to the @AuburnBAP Instagram, YouTube Channel, and the weekly recruiting newsletter. Two of our BAP representatives will discuss a topic of interest to our students with a recruiter or professional from your firm/company. 

Featured Professional Partners who choose to come to campus on their chosen day will receive the following benefit: 

  • Use of the School of Accountancy conference room (Lowder 302) to facilitate scheduled, socially distant interactions with students throughout the day. 
  • If this option is chosen, BAP will contact the FPP in advance of the event to confirm current health and safety guidelines.  

Professional Partners who choose to be 100% virtual for their given week will receive the following benefit: 

  • Reservation for a Zoom (or other video conferencing tool) meeting where the preferred audience can interact with professionals and recruiters from the FPP within the preferred time frame. The join link can be shared openly or closely managed at the discretion of the FPP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should begin planing and advertising your event (in person or virtual) as soon as you sign up for an FPP date. Using your BAP and RAAP rosters as well as your firm “pipeline” to advertise as early as possible will result in a higher event turnout.


To become a Featured Professional Partner for the 2020-21 school year, fill out this survey. After your date* is confirmed, please email the following items to auburn.bap@gmail.com no later than two weeks prior to your selected date.

  • Your Instagram graphic
  • Blog post wording/graphics
  • The name and contact info for the person who will be interviewed (BAP will make topic suggestions in your confirmation email)
  • Information about your social event (you should independently advertise this as well):
    • Live: The timeframe that you would like to reserve the SOA conference room and whether you want to control the invitation list or have an open-invite with RSVP
    • Virtual: The timeframe that you would like host your video conference, your preferred tool, and whether you want to control the invitation list or have an open-invite with RSVP

*Note that Professional Partners that are presenting at a BAP meeting have right of first refusal to be the FPP for the following day.


Contact the BAP Graduate Assistant, Hallie Hunt, at hjh0030@auburn.edu with any questions about the FPP program.