Employer Frequently Asked Questions

Summer and Fall Offer Periods, Honor Code & Best Practices

Q: Why is Auburn changing the Offer Period structure again this year?

A: Peer programs across the region have established June 1 offer dates (e.g. University of Tennessee, University of Mississippi, University of Georgia) or eliminated offer rules completely (e.g. University of Florida & Florida State University).  Because Auburn wants to allow our students to compete for the same opportunities as students from these institutions, we determined that it is necessary to begin the Summer Offer Period at an earlier date than prior years.

Q: Where does Auburn plan to draw the line on escalating the allowable date for offers?

A: We sympathize with any employer who believes that offers are allowed too early. Auburn and Alabama have communicated with peer schools who also begin their offer period on June 1 and indicated our desire to dialogue with one another if a date earlier than June 1 is entertained. We feel strongly that the offer period should not begin before students complete their junior year, mainly due to the need for employers to verify that students can succeed in their accounting coursework. There is no indication at this time that any of our peer schools intend to move to an earlier beginning of the Offer Period; in fact, they share similar concerns about coursework and commitment.

Q: What are other schools in the state of Alabama doing regarding offer guidelines?

A: Auburn and The University of Alabama have always worked closely with other schools in Alabama to have the same guidelines.  Historically, other Alabama programs with significant recruiter presence have observed the policies followed by our two Universities.

Q: Why are only Alabama, Georgia & Nashville, TN, locations governed by the Honor Code?

A: The majority of employers with a direct recruiting presence at Auburn are in these three geographies.  Further, we do not want to inhibit a student’s ability to compete in markets outside of Alabama, Georgia, and Nashville, where feeder schools either have earlier Offer Periods, or no guidelines at all.

Q: What if we’re not ready to make offers on Day 1 of the Summer Offer Period (June 1)?

A:  The Summer Offer Period provides for a two-month recruiting window (offers made between June 1 and August 1 cannot expire prior to August 1). Students will be informed of the rolling nature of summer offers so they understand that offers can occur at any point after the Offer Period begins (See Student FAQ). We consider it our responsibility to be clear to our students and employers that this is an Offer Period (vs. Day), and that not all offers will be made on June 1. We will also communicate to students that they should complete all summer programs they’ve accepted invitations to attend and not make a decision until all options are considered.

Q: If we have historically hosted a summer leadership program (SLP) after June 1, should we now try to host it prior to June 1?

Although we cannot tell you how to conduct your recruiting, our preferred answer is “no.” It’s impossible for all summer leadership programs to occur prior to June 1, and stacking them even closer together than in previous years hinders a student’s ability to attend all SLPs of interest. We are committed to advising students that the new guidelines provide for an Offer Period, and to (1) not expect all offers to be made on June 1, (2) not feel pressure to make a decision until the August 1 deadline, and (3) attend all summer programs hosted by employers of interest.

Q: If we do not currently host an SLP, will we be at a competitive disadvantage in Summer Offer Period?

A: We understand that many employers cannot earnestly begin recruiting until after the April 15 deadline. We have always encouraged employers to engage with students throughout the school year and over the summer, as relationships are strengthened with repeated interactions. In terms of a formal “summer leadership program,” we find that students respond just as positively to invitations to visit the office on a more informal basis over the summer.

Therefore, we do not believe that SLPs necessarily provide an advantage; rather, having quality contact with an employer and meeting as many people as possible throughout the recruiting process is important to students.  Further, there are several AU-sponsored opportunities to meet students during the spring semester, such as Meet the Firms (January) and the Local/Regional Firm Meet & Greet (late April). Employers who do not fill internship positions during the Summer Offer Period can identify and interview candidates during the Fall Offer Period.

How will the Fall Meet the Firms & Accounting Interview Weeks work if many students already have accepted offers?

A: Since implementing the August offer date in 2016, we have observed that the Fall Meet the Firms and Accounting Interview Weeks have a smaller pool of internship candidates for the immediate calendar year.  Because the new Summer Offer Period begins and ends prior to these events, employers will know how many positions remain open and be able to focus on truly interested/available candidates.  Further, students generally begin attending Meet the Firms in fall of their junior year; consequently, employers also get to know the next cohort of internship candidates (early identification). We encourage employers to utilize their presence on campus during these fall events to get to know the juniors, but we discourage any kind of summer leadership program offers prior to the spring semester.

Q: What kind of messaging is provided to the students to ensure they handle the Offer Periods rationally?

A: We direct students to our Student Recruiting FAQ page to help them make good decisions when it comes to internship offers. Messaging will also be incorporated into the ACCT 3810 Professional Development in Accountancy course that our students take early in the accounting curriculum. Although some students may receive multiple offers throughout the summer, we encourage them to take advantage of the entire Summer Offer Period, and attend all summer events for which they have accepted invitations.  We urge students to accept offers once they know for certain where they would like to complete an internship; if they have any doubts, we also urge students to attend more events to evaluate their options. Similarly, we emphasize that students should decline offers as they determine an employer is not a top choice, so as not to impede opportunities for other students.

Q: Why do I have to keep my offers open for so long during the Summer Offer Period?

A: The earliest date an offer can expire during the Summer Offer Period (5 pm CST on August 1) is consistent with the maximum timeline provided in prior years (about two months).  Because offers can be made on a rolling basis, it is important to allow students the option to complete the summer program recruiting process and review ALL options before making a final decision.

Q: When can offers be made after the Summer Offer Period concludes, and when can they expire?

Offers can be made at any time after August 1 (most likely, offers will be given after fall interviews). We prefer that you leave these offers open for a reasonable period of time, and suggest November 1 to allow time for post-interview office visits. However, it is difficult to define the “best” Fall Offer Period expiration date, as there are recruiting process nuances across employers of various sizes and locations. We ask that employers keep the best interest of the student in mind and provide reasonable extensions if they request more time to ponder their options.