Interested in applying for Beta Alpha Psi?

If you are an accounting major who has:

  • Completed ACCT 2110 Principles of Financial Accounting at Auburn University with a “B” or better, as well as maintain a minimum 3.0 ungapped overall GPA,


  • Completed ACCT 3110 Intermediate Accounting I with an ungapped overall, upper level, and accounting GPA greater than or equal to a 3.0,*

You should receive an application link from Mrs. Lakas in the month before the application deadline (applications are due the first week of fall/spring classes). Please search your inbox for your personalized link. If you are qualified and you have not received a unique application link in the aforementioned timeframe, please email Mrs. Lakas (

If you have not completed ACCT 2110, you should apply for the Rising Accountant & Analyst Program, the precursor organization for BAP. Please contact Mrs. Lakas ( for an application link.

*If you’ve completed any UL courses, you must qualify under this option. Transfer students must complete two upper-level accounting courses at Auburn with at least a 3.0 GPA.
SPECIAL NOTE: Students who invoked the Spring 2020 special grading policy after earning a “C” in an accounting course should exercise caution when committing themselves to this extracurricular. BAP requires a significant time commitment, and students who struggled with accounting subject matter during the spring may find it more advantageous to focus on academics this fall and apply for BAP membership in a future semester.